Out Actress Ashleigh Sumner Arrives in “And Then Came Lola”: Autostraddle Interview

Ashleigh Sumner is the adorable, every-girl star of the sexy lesbian romantic comedy, And Then Came Lola. Jess chats with her about her first on-camera sex scenes, seeing herself on the big screen, LA vs. San Francisco, gays & superheroes, and her artwork.

Out lesbian actress Ashleigh Sumner is mega-hot and stars as the title character in the new free-wheelin’ lesbian romantic comedy And Then Came Lola alongside Jill Bennett & Cathy DeBuono. This isn’t just another coming out story, it’s a funny guilty pleasure indie flick set in the super gay-ed up streets of San Francisco. And this time, writer/directors of the film went out of their way to cast lead actresses who were all openly gay — amazing, right?

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