And Then Came Lola

Déjà vu takes on a whole new meaning in the romantic comedy “Then Came Lola.” Filled with wall-to-wall pop music as well as vibrant performances, “Lola” is a lesbian romp done right.

The plot essentially resembles that of the hit film “Run, Lola, Run.” Lola, a forgetful and aloof individual has had some very tough times with relationships in the past. Often accused of “checking out” emotionally, she certainly can’t keep a woman to save her life. When a new love interest, Casey (Jill Bennett), asks Lola to rush photographs for a very important client, the pressure’s on as to whether Lola will pull through.

Things get tricky when the film reveals the central plot structure as a dream sequence Lola must relive over and over. She wakes up and gets the same call from Casey asking her to rush photos for a client. Then along the way, everything but the kitchen sink gets thrown at her. Dog attacks, car troubles, ex-drama, crazy tourists, etc. On the first attempt, she fails miserably and loses her girlfriend to another woman. However, fate is determined to give Lola chance after chance until she learns how to get it right.

“And Then Came Lola” is fast paced, energetic and fun. The plot is hardly original, but the whole thing is pulled off in a fresh, sharp manner. Ashleigh Sumner is charming as Lola — she literally flails across the screen, running and panting up and down the hills of San Francisco — exuding a knack for physical comedy.

“And Then Came Lola” is highly recommended.