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bw-kiss-smallCheck out the latest news and reviews for the hit indie film, a lesbian comedy, romp, And Then Came Lola.  The film screened at more than 100 LGBT film festivals around the world.  Released in 2010, the indie film is available for rent or download at and streaming sites around the world include HULU, iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and more.

Starring Ashleigh Sumner, Jill Bennett,and Cathy DeBuono, and directed by Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler, And Then Came Lola plays out like a twisty, lighter Run Lola Run with a massive dose of queerness.

Lola runs out the door and quite literally encounters a tragic-comedy of obstacles keeping her from being punctual the one time she needs to be.

What follows is part Run Lola Run and part Groundhog Day. Lola encounters everything from her ex, to a feisty meter maid, an angry dog, a runaway subway car and the very possessive Danielle on her way to Casey’s aid. If this doesn’t sound frantic enough, keep in mind that the events have a way of occurring multiple times, with several outcomes and that the filmmakers use a wild variety of cinematic techniques to keep things moving and shaking. –

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