bw-kiss-smallCheck out the latest news and reviews for the hit indie film, a lesbian comedy, romp, And Then Came Lola.  The film screened at more than 100 LGBT film festivals around the world.  Released in 2010, the indie film is available for rent or download at and streaming sites around the world include HULU, iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and more.

Starring Ashleigh Sumner, Jill Bennett,and Cathy DeBuono, and directed by Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler, And Then Came Lola plays out like a twisty, lighter Run Lola Run with a massive dose of queerness.

Lola runs out the door and quite literally encounters a tragic-comedy of obstacles keeping her from being punctual the one time she needs to be.

What follows is part Run Lola Run and part Groundhog Day. Lola encounters everything from her ex, to a feisty meter maid, an angry dog, a runaway subway car and the very possessive Danielle on her way to Casey’s aid. If this doesn’t sound frantic enough, keep in mind that the events have a way of occurring multiple times, with several outcomes and that the filmmakers use a wild variety of cinematic techniques to keep things moving and shaking. –


Lola at the Dinah Shore 2009

The Lola ladies had a great time in Palm Springs meeting folks and spreading the LOLA word!

Cathy, Ashleigh, Ellen and Jill

Cathy, Ashleigh, Ellen and Jill


A Big Thank You to Donna and Libbie, the Newest Members of the LOLA Team!

Fast Girl Films would like to say a big thank you to Donna and Libbie from Florida for their generous donation to the film.  With their support we have moved one step closer to completing post-production!  

We had three days of pickup shooting in San Francisco this month and wrapped last Sunday.  Everything is coming together extremely well.  Our intrepid editor, Eli Olson is working away to complete a cut of the film that we are delivering to two big GLBT Film Festivals this week!  Megan and Ellen will be heading to Palm Springs later this week for the Dinah festivities.  Ashleigh Sumner, Jill Bennett, Cathy DeBuono and Jenoa Harlow will all be on hand to help spread the LOLA word….

Hope to see you there!!!!


Showing as part of the GAZE festival, And Then Came Lola is a blast of a film, some much-needed fresh air on a somewhat stifling (for women anyway) programme. This is what happens when, after years of some great lesbian films but mostly awful lesbian films, the viewers get involved. Ellen Seidler and Megan Siler were obviously watching films and thinking “Jesus, I could do better than that!” They were right, they can. And Then Came Lola is a fast-paced, slick comedy that will give your funny bone a good workout.

It tells the story of Lola (Ashleigh Sumner, right), a photographer who thinks she’s cool but is just flaky. Fate takes a hand when her girlfriend (Jill Bennett) calls her up and begs for her help. She is given three chances to get to her lady on time. During the three sprints across San Francisco, she learns more and more about herself, realising that what she though was light and cool, is actually selfish and cold.

Determined to become a better person, she rushes to the side of her girl, desperately trying to keep her out of the clutches of her gorgeous ex, who has a hankering to reacquaint.

The storyline is helped by the fact that the women are hot. Look, it’s important ok? Ashleigh Sumner is a cute as anything, Jill Bennett is a babe and her real-life girlfriend, Cathy DeBuono, skates on the edge of drop-dead gorgeous and weird-looking. So head to the pictures to see something warm, sexy and entertaining. It’s what we all cry out for, for the other 51 weeks of the year.


Editing update

Well, by week’s end we should have a rough cut of the film completed.  Yay!!!  Then it’s on to the fine cut and all that goes with that.  We are busy working with a graphic designer, music supervisor, etc. to pull the various pieces of the LOLA puzzle together.   It’s an exciting process to be sure, particularly as we watch the film come together as a cohesive (and fun) whole.  We will be doing a bit more shooting in March, then it’s on to picture lock, sound mix and yes, the long-awaited premiere.


Thanks Adrianna & Wendy


Fast Girl supporter, Adrianna Carbonara

Fast Girl supporter, Adrianna Carbonara



Fast Girl Films would like to say thank you to Adrianna Carbonara and Wendy Sparks for their donations to “And Then Came Lola.”  Their donations are helping us finish “Lola” and get the film ready for the summer festival circuit.  Thanks for becoming official Fast Girls!


And Then Came Lola-Preview

In this sexy, lesbian romp, loosely inspired by the art house classic Run, Lola, Run a talented, but distracted photographer (Lola), on the verge of success in both love and work, could lose it all if she doesn’t make it to a crucial meeting on time. But, as usual, Lola is late. With her job and girlfriend on the line, she has three chances to make it right. In a desperate race through the streets and backrooms of San Francisco, time grows short–will Lola make it? Will she come at all?

And Then Came Lola-Trailer from fastgirlfilms on Vimeo.


Fast Girl Films says thank you to Sarrah Soza!!


Sarrah Soza-Winning Fast Girl

Sarrah Soza-Winning Fast Girl

Fast Girl Films would like to thank Sarrah Soza of Fresno, California for becoming a “Winning Fast Girl.”  Sarrah’s generous support of the film has allowed us to move forward full-steam into the post-production process so that we can meet our festival deadlines.    Sarrah works as a VP for a print and direct mail marketing firm.  She also helps operate a family business “Cigar Mas Fino” in the Woodward Park area.  Cigar Mas Fino is a first class cigar smoking lounge that has “reinvented” the premium cigar atmosphere in California.  You can find out more about the lounge here:


Lola goes to the Dinah!

The Lola gang is going to the Dinah Shore party in Palm Springs April 2 to April 5th.  Join us in the fun!

Jill Bennett and Ashleigh Sumner as "Casey" and L

Jill Bennett and Ashleigh Sumner as "Casey" and "Lola"


Animator Jett Attwood joins Lola.


Laughs on set-photo by Mollie McClure

Laughs on set-photo by Mollie McClure

Fast Girl Films is excited to announce that Bay Area animator, Jett Attwood, has joined the post-production team for its upcoming feature film, And Then Came Lola.


Jeanette ‘Jett’ Atwood is an American animator and cartoonist currently living in San Francisco. A graduate of classical animation at Sheridan College, Jett has worked on numerous video games and short films as a storyboard artist, animator, and writer. Among herSmart Bomb Interactive titles are Pac-Man World Rally (2006) and Snoopy vs. the Red Baron (2006). Atwood is a successful cartoonist with numerous works, both online web comics, and in print.

Drawing since the age of 6, Jett is one of those rare individuals that knew what she wanted to be at a very early age. She recognizes she is a fortunate rarity. If everyone grew up to be what they wanted to be in first grade we’d have far too many firemen, cowboys and ballerinas.

Jett’s website.


Welcome to the ATCL Blog!


Lola, Casey, and Danielle

Lola, Casey, and Danielle-photo by Sophia Wallace



Welcome to the blog for supporters of the Fast Girl Films production, “And Then Came Lola.”  This blog is available only to those of you who have donated to the film and have become a part of the Lola support team.  Check back often for news on the film, photographs, and special announcements.


Editor Eli Olson joins Lola team


Lola and Casey by the SF Bay-photo by S. Wallace

Lola and Casey by the SF Bay-photo by S. Wallace

Fast Girl Films is pleased to announce that the talented Bay Area editor, Eli Olson will be joining the Lola post-production team. Eli Olson is a free-lance AVID editor who brings a strong visual sense and unique storytelling ability to every project. Her client list includes broadcast work for HBO, a music video for Tony Kaye Films, London, commercial work for Leo Burnett, Chicago and an independent film for HBO/Chaiken Films among others.

Eli’s website