What Go Fish did for lesbian independent cinema in the 90s — with its edgy style and sharp dialogue — And Then Came Lola will do for it now, ushering in a new era of lesbian filmmaking. This groundbreaking feature takes the classic Sapphic romantic comedy and flips it on its ear with stylistic storytelling, quick wit and perfect casting. Inspired by the modern German classic Run, Lola, Run, this brilliant story is told in three different scenarios where sexy, commitment-phobic photographer Lola (Ashleigh Sumner) bounces around like a pinball through San Francisco transporting important designs for her drop-dead gorgeous lover Casey (Jill Bennett, Dante’s Cove) who is a marketing executive on the verge of landing a big advertising campaign through her seductive ex-girlfriend Danielle (Cathy DeBuono, Out at the Wedding). But relying on Lola — who is easily distracted — is increasingly difficult: Lola not only has a hard time arriving to appointments on time she has also had difficulty committing to a woman. There’s something about Casey, though, that drives this artist crazy, and this job is vital to the future of the relationship. Off and running, Lola dodges (multiple times) a meter maid, an unstable woman with a big dog, and her own ex (Philly’s own Jessica Graham.) Directors Megan Siler and Ellen Seidler have brilliantly crafted a engrossing feature complete with beautiful cinematography, animation, still photography, and high-energy soundtrack — all while highlighting the fun yet volatility of dyke culture. Tick tock, don’t be late or you’ll miss one hell of a ride. — Kelly Burkhardt